Why use us?

Our researchers are all experienced in a wide range of business categories and we all have specific skills and disciplines.

We believe in providing you with impartial, user centred, strategically sensitive research that will deliver actionable findings.

High levels of expertise

All of the people at Clicked are senior – you won’t be dealing with juniors. We love research and we love getting our hands dirty with the small but significant issues that can make or break a project.

New perspective

We’ll approach assignments with fresh eyes, without any bias and with hundreds of projects providing us with perspective you may not have.

Reactive at all times

We don’t do ‘out of office’. For clientside work we are proactive when your project is live and provide regular updates. 


We have a wealth of international expertise and pull on a network of trusted and specialist research partners when required.

Key People you’ll be working with

 Steve Mellor

Founder and UX Research Specialist

Steve is the Founder of Clicked. Steve has been a researcher for 20 years, grounding his UX research skills in qualitative and quantitative research. 

He leads all of the projects at Clicked, providing a strategic overlay for the organisations we work for. He is a NNg certified researcher and regular speaker at industry events.

Neil Russell

Quantitative Specialist

Neil is a quantitative specialist at Clicked. He has a wide range of specialisms, including user satisfaction evaluation, communications development, user segmentation and brand tracking.

He also has substantial experience of qualitative research – running deliberative events, group discussions and depth interviews.

Alexandra Clark

Qualitative and ethnographic specialist

Alex is an ethnographic specialist, running her own agency TellTale, that provides strong storytelling expertise. With a background in social anthropology, Alexandra is adept at putting herself in other people’s shoes and quickly understanding their world.

She is a native Danish speaker and bilingual in Spanish.

Tom Hughes

UX Design 

Tom is a creative and insightful UX Designer and Researcher. Combining a variety of strategic design skills with thorough data and research analysis, he is able to take complex business requirements and bring them to life with hi-fidelity customer-facing prototypes, wireframes, personas and more.

Stefano Serafinelli

UX Researcher

Stefano Serafinelli is the partner of Clicked in Spain, running his own User Research agency called TeaCup Lab. Stefano has worked in UX for more than 10 years, leading the UX team of UserZoom in Spain before founding TeaCup Lab.

As Google Design Sprint Master and Google Developers Launchpad Mentor, he helps startups worldwide to improve their products and know their users better.


Talk to us to find out more about the Clicked expertise.