Innovation and Design

Supporting the innovation process requires flexible and responsive research skills
Incorporating customers into the innovation process will always provide inspiration. We are careful to run research that helps designers build on ideas, to feel confident that they meet customer needs.

We avoid killing ideas that research badly (a common problem with research). By reframing the idea in the context of customer needs we will endeavour to improve it.

Design Focus groups

These sessions focus on improving digital designs in their earliest iteration. We invite customers to review ideas in groups, where the designs can be debated with other customers.

We gather existing user behaviours and expectations, carefully evaluate designs in the context of users lives and determine where improvements are required.

These sessions are also very worthwhile to compare and contrast local markets cultural frameworks, helping companies to adapt to cultural expectations.

Co – Creation

Inviting customers into the Innovation process is a brave and bold move but will always pay dividends for innovation.

We are experienced in bringing together customers and colleagues to generate ideas, using a range of techniques that ensure the sessions flow well and are productive.

Whilst customers may not always generate workable solutions (although they often do), they will provide highly useful guidance and ensure teams are grounded in customer needs.

Iterative testing

Testing new prototypes early and often is important in the design process. We often work with prototypes that are very simple, such as sketches, as well as more developed digital prototypes.

We will gather feedback over a number of hours, days or weeks, working closely with internal teams on site. The goal is to learn quickly and iterate a revised solution.

Iterative testing reporting is less extensive than other techniques. Often we will feedback within 24 hours, with the focus on moving designs on to the next stage.

Communications Development

As well as products and services, we regularly explore brands and communications.

Qualitatively, we are comfortable working with mood boards, storyboards, prototypes or animatics to evaluate strategic ideas and provide support on creative executional development.

Quantitatively we will create surveys that intelligently identify winning creative ideas or executions by ensuring they are powerful and effective.


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