Validation & ROI

Having implemented product changes, we can help evaluate the impact on customers and business
Research to validate the improvements made to products and services will help provide the evidence you need to inform ROI (return on investment).

They may be soft measures such as improvements in user feedback resulting in a more favourable brand experience, or hard measures such as an increase in NPS or propensity to use.

Quantitative surveys

In a perfect scenario we would benchmark your digital product or service before any changes are made using quantitative research.

This enables us to measure changes, validating adjustments and calculating ROI.

Changes may be slight but can be significant when market share or sales increases are estimated. Classic measures we use include:

  • Usage satisfaction (usability, communication)
  • Brand appeal (image, differentiation)
  • Usability (Orientation, navigation)
  • Purchase propensity (likelihood to use/buy)
  • E-commerce (basket, conversion, abandon)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Spontaneous Feedback Interviews

We only run Spontaneous Feedback interviews with heavy users. Heavy users are a valuable resource to validate changes because of their enhanced knowledge of the product or service. 

This is a very open interview, with little direction from the researcher. We usually allow users to move through websites or apps freely whilst listening for spontaneous mentions of improvements that have been made.

After this initial stage, prompted questions and tasks are instigated specifically related to any adjustments that have been made.

UX Validation

Validating UX changes to products and services is possible within moderated or unmoderated user testing. Users are given specific tasks to complete and feedback quantitatively using the following scoring methods:

  • Expectation Pointing to determine how difficult users expect tasks to be
  • Single Ease Question to measure task difficulty on a 7-point scale
  • Task completion to determine the success
  • System Usability Scales to determine if the UX is better than the previous iteration
  • Net Promoter Questioning to capture overall sentiment

Ideally, the team should determine what level of scoring is acceptable before the tasks commence. Validation is confirmed when score averages exceed the accepted benchmark.

Surveys filtered to forums

When calculating ROI, surveys provide the numbers, but by filtering those who answer into online forums we can assess the softer measures of ROI.

Online forums allow us to qualitatively support any quantitative uptick in the performance of digital products and services:

  • Capturing how the changes have affected brand perceptions
  • Providing evidence of increased satisfaction in the form of quotes
  • Supporting qualitative evidence of increased likelihood of conversion

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