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Using large scale quantitative research to guide the launch of a new smartwatch app

The Problem

Barclays consumer banking division developed an app that can be used on Smartwatches. The app was part of the continuing digital drive that Barclays uses to differentiate itself as a leader in digital innovation for its customers.

Barclays needed to understand which type of customer would be most likely to use the app.

The Solution

Utilising a panel of Apple Watch owners that were especially recruited by Barclays, I worked with Barclays to design and deliver a bi-annual Wearables Tracking Study during the launch of the Apple Watch app in April ’15.


The Outcome

By isolating the core benefit that the Barclays app offers, Being able to view a bank account balance quickly and securely, and profiling those who showed high interest in this benefit, I was able to profile the most likely users of the app.

They emerged as being fashionable rather than geeky, and we found that the app had most distinctiveness for users who are checking their account regularly – for example, those who are younger and need to monitor finances closely.

The app was launched and, whilst it was live, was one of the most differentiated and innovative smart watch apps on the Apple and Android marketplace.

We’ve worked with Steve during the past year on the research for our smartwatch app development. The project team found the research extremely helpful in developing the app and it’s really helped us understand better the wearable’s market.

Lee Brumwell I Senior Market Research Manager I Marketing I Barclays Personal & Corporate Banking