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A research agency that will improve the digital interactions you have with people. We specialise in quantitative, qualitative and UX research.


Discovering, exploring and understanding the problems that customers have is often a journey into the unknown


We run research that helps designers build on ideas, to feel confident that they meet customer needs.


Research involving the UX of digital materials makes up a great deal of the work we do.


Research to validate the improvements made to products and services will help provide the evidence you need to inform ROI.

Featured research services

Remote user testing

We offer remote user testing using a variety of techniques. These techniques allow people to take part in research from the safety of their own home.

We can reach research participants in groups or individually. We can moderate sessions or set tasks for users to complete, with edited recordings available and reported outputs delivered via conference call.

Online Surveys

We are highly experienced in running surveys. We offer a wide range of survey techniques and work with the best panel companies to deliver high quality outputs.

Although we cover any requirement, we consistently run tracking studies, segmentations, usage and attitude studies, brand health, new product development and specialist user assessment surveys. 

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