Research that builds a great user experience


Hi, I’m Steve Mellor!

I am a NNg certified, freelance research professional with over 20 years of experience researching digital products and services.

This has been across many regions, most notably the EU and US.

The majority of my work is focussed on UX, using generative and evaluative techniques. I have a lot of experience in Discovery, Innovation, Design and Measurement.

I have set up and managed research teams, and I am confident in training and leading researchers when needed.

Featured techniques

Jobs To Be Done

Discovery research is very effective when the user’s specific tasks are explored. 

This method will identify a wide range of unmet needs in situations where people are highly dissatisfied, indicating promising innovation opportunities.

User testing

User testing can apply to a product at any point in its lifecycle and can be tackled in a number of ways.

When I am asked to run user testing, I always stop to interrogate the objectives, as they will provide the evidence needed to determine the research method. 

Research thinking