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A research agency that will improve the digital interactions you have with people. We are specialists in quantitative, qualitative and user experience research.


Discovering, exploring and understanding the problems that customers have is often a journey into the unknown


We run research that helps designers build on ideas, to feel confident that they meet customer needs.


Research involving the usability of digital materials makes up a great deal of the work we do.


Research to validate the improvements made to products and services will help provide the evidence you need to inform ROI.

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Usability groups

Usability groups are a hybrid of focus group and user testing. They are especially useful to assess look and feel because users are able to discuss the designs with one another. ​ This technique can be applied to desktop, tablet and smartphone designs.


Being able to read facial expressions, track eye movements and measure subtle changes in skin moisture can help us to evaluate nonconscious reactions to stimulus. Our approach is based on the best practice advice of the Advertising Research Foundation – combining biometrics with ‘traditional’ qualitative measures.

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When to use group user testing

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What makes a great discovery?

What makes a great discovery?

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