We use a range of methods to evaluate the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of customers at scale 

It may be a sophisticated survey that tracks the performance of a brand,  research to validate improvements made to products and services, or website UX measurement – we can provide the evidence you need to inform current success and future investment.

Quantitative surveys

We regularly run ad-hoc surveys on a wide variety of topics across many different geographies. Each survey is bespoke to the needs of the project.

We can provide complex analysis of data that can provide deeper insights for your project. We are able to run surveys in most countries and are experienced in analysing results in the context of local cultures. 

Brand tracking

We run trackers online at regular intervals to measure brands and products against their competitors. The questioning will usually include some or all of the following:

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration
  • NPS
  • Usage
  • Association / imagery
  • Media consumption
  • Product perception / UX

The outputs include brand mapping, brand dynamics pyramid and key driver analysis to visually demonstrate the position of the brand.

Sample sizes can be extremely robust, allowing us to dive into specifics as required. The design of the tracker is bespoke to the need of each client and over the lifetime of a tracker we are flexible and can adapt to changing situations.

UX Measurement

UX measurement at scale is possible using surveys or by unmoderated user testing. Users are often given specific tasks to complete and feedback quantitatively using these following scoring methods:

  • Expectation Pointing to determine how difficult users expect tasks to be
  • Single Ease Question to measure task difficulty on a 7-point scale
  • Task completion to determine the success
  • System Usability Scales to determine if the UX is better than the previous iteration
  • Net Promoter Questioning to capture overall sentiment

Ideally, the team should determine what level of scoring is would constitute to success before the research begins. 


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