I use a range of methods to evaluate the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of customers at scale

It may be a complex survey that tracks the performance of a product,  research to validate improvements made to products and services, or website UX measurement – I can provide the evidence you need to inform current success and future investment.

Quantitative surveys

I regularly run ad-hoc surveys on a wide variety of topics across many different geographies. Each survey is bespoke to the needs of the project.

If required, I can provide complex analysis for deeper insights. I have run surveys in many countries and am experienced in analysing results in the context of local cultures. 

Brand/Product tracking

I have designed and run trackers online at regular intervals to measure brands and products against their competitors. The questioning will usually include some or all of the following:

  • Awareness 
  • Consideration
  • NPS
  • Usage / frequency
  • Association / imagery
  • Media consumption
  • Product perception / UX

The outputs include mapping, pyramids and key driver analysis to visually demonstrate the position of the brand/product.

UX Measurement

UX measurement at scale is possible using surveys or by unmoderated user testing. Users are often given specific tasks to complete and feedback quantitatively using these following scoring methods:

  • Expectation Pointing to determine how difficult users expect tasks to be
  • Single Ease Question to measure task difficulty on a 7-point scale
  • Task completion to determine the success
  • System Usability Scales to determine if the UX is better than the previous iteration
  • Product Market Fit to identify feature importance

I can help teams determine which measure and what level of scoring would constitute to success before the research begins. 


Reach out to find out more about measurement