When choice becomes a problem.

Identifying how the BE issue of choice anxiety within the Coffee Machine category stifled the purchase journey.

Over time, Nespresso have implemented a range of different retail brand page designs featuring their coffee machines, on a country by country basis. Clicked was asked to step in to help determine the effectiveness of these designs, whilst generating insights to help in the development a global template to ensure the brand presentation was persuasive and consistent.

Clicked brought together 12 groups of prospective customers on the journey to purchase across 3 markets and quizzed them on their decision making, utilising focus group workshops. We used websites as stimulus, as well as prototypes that Nespresso had already developed, and a range of sorting techniques to determine which machine features the prospects were using to make decisions.

Through using this technique, we discovered a sense of choice anxiety was present in the category – creating long and unstructured purchase journeys both online and in retail – and we also found that Nespresso machines have more in common, than differences.

This led to a restructuring of the brand pages to provide clarity on the range, greater simplification and a prioritisation of the machine features that should be used in the brand template – soon to be implemented in retail websites globally.

It was a great pleasure to work with Clicked using qualitative research about drivers and habits for online purchasing. From the proposal of the methodology to the conduction of the focus groups, everything was very well structure and focused on the objectives and outcome we aimed. The recommendations were very insightful, which enable us to really extract the best from the research and proceed with our projects.
Thais Oliveira | Global Trade Innovation Project Manager | Nestlé Nespresso S.A.

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