The journey to financial planning made easier by using biometrics.

Aegon have been pension experts since 1831. They are digitalising their pensions offer to ensure customers are able to visualise a complete picture of their retirement and exercise a degree of control over their finances. The process involves customers receiving letters in the post that encourage them to register their account online where they can use a range of tools to plan for retirement.

Clicked was asked to help determine how effective six different digital journeys were performing, using an evidence based approach that included biometrics. Clicked used eye tracking and facial coding which allowed us to capture nonconscious reactions to the range of field materials.

Six different journey scenarios were evaluated among 28 users using the Retrospective Think Aloud protocol. Users were able to test up to four during each interview, depending on their specific situation.

Researhers found a wide range of issues at various stages. The facial coding was useful to reveal two core issues: The confusion (blockers) at various points on the journey (especially security processes) and the surprise that the concept included all finances, not just their pensions.

Besides the various tactical improvements that we recommended throughout the journeys, we identified communication improvements for the homepage, to ensure the core concept of 360 degree view of finances was understood at the very beginning.

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