Unmoderated testing

Using remote user testing to capture in-situ responses to new digital innovations.

The Problem

888 are one of worlds largest online gaming operators – no mean feat in an online environment that is constantly innovating. Of the various games they offer, 888Poker is the largest and most respected brand.

In recent years, 888poker has been innovating to ensure it stays in tune with new, mobile playing patterns. A refreshed website design had been developed for desktop, tablet and mobile, and I was asked to determine how well each platform was performing in the UK and Canada.

The Solution

I used remote, un-moderated user testing to reach users in their own homes. This approach gave us the opportunity to capture real time, in-situ video feedback to the new materials – allowing me to test users on a range of elements, as well as capture opinions on the look and feel.

The Outcome

The testing revealed that the new architecture was simpler and in tune with the needs of the intended target, although there were a range of improvements required to maximise conversion.

I found that the profile of users on desktop was different to those on mobile. Whilst the look and feel of the homepage was appealing to mobile users, it alientated the more mature desktop users who wanted to see more traditional poker imagery.

We’ve worked with Steve for many years. He fully appreciates the complexity of the markets that we work in and puts the energy into delivering excellent qualitative and user testing research that help keep the business at the forefront of the online gaming category.

Moshe Segal | Customer Research Manager | 888 Holdings